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A mum-of-two has claimed that she cured her aggressive breast cancer for under £100 thanks to drinking one drop of cannabis oil per day.

Dee Mani, 44, found a lump in her breast in March 2017 and after being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she was offered chemotherapy and radiotherapy to save her life.

However, due to losing her sister to cancer after having chemotherapy, Dee was too afraid to go down the conventional route.

Dee, from Birmingham, then started taking one drop of cannabis oil a day after reading about the alternative treatment online – something that cost her a mere £22 per month.

The mum-of-two has since claimed four months later that her cancer had massively reduced and by August 2017 she was given the all clear by doctors.

Dee, who now lives in Cape Verde, South Africa, said: ‘Because of what happened to my sister, there was no way I was having chemo or radiotherapy.

‘At first when I spoke to the doctor I agreed to everything I was told, I said I’d have one year worth of chemotherapy but then I did my research.

‘After finding out about cannabis oil I started to put one drop into a capsule every night and take it before bed.

‘Within four months I believe that I cured myself and then when I was given the all clear, I knew it was the cannabis that cured me.

‘Now I am still clear of the cancer and continue to take the cannabis oil every night.’

Dee found out about the benefits of cannabis oil when she was started researching natural remedies for cancer online.

She then found a local supplier which cost her £22 a month and started taking the cannabis oil once every evening.

She added: ‘The oil is a thick tar like substance and I had to put it in an empty capsule so that I could swallow it, as it tastes revolting.

‘I always have to make sure I take the tablet at night because it makes me very tired and docile – so if I took it in the day I’d get nothing done!

‘Alongside taking the cannabis oil, I also changed my every day diet and started meditation too.

‘Even though my cancer has gone I will take one capsule every night for the rest of my life.

‘Alongside curing my cancer, it’s helped me with my insomnia, my allergy to dust and the pain in my back from having slipped discs.’

Dee has detailed her entire journey with cancer in her book ‘My Way’.

Posted by @ DRHAZEFACE at 15:52 on the 4th Feb 2018

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