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Daily Fail’s Miserable Attempt To Expose The Birmingham City Cannabis Club Easter Sunday Party


If you’ve got a spare 5 minutes, even if it is to give the vile Daily Mail your valuable time, their recent exposé against the Birmingham City Cannabis Social Club, and their loyal followers at their Easter Sunday gathering, is well worth a read as it failed miserably to inflict propaganda against not just Birmingham’s, but the UK’s cannabis community.

Now sit back, be prepared to laugh and cry in equal measures while reading this pitiful excuse for journalism at

And they say smoking weed makes you paranoid, if that’s the case, reporters Kirsten Johnson and Simon Murphy must be toking some heavy duty dank with the paranoia they displayed!

Now share this and support your local Cannabis Social Club!

Posted by @ DRHAZEFACE at 20:12 on the 6th Apr 2016

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