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Keep It Sweet – Manchester

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Highlights info row image 90a Mitford Street, Stretford
M32 8AQ Manchester, United Kingdom
Highlights info row image0161 258 1901
They have everything here great staff, great atmosphere and of course really yummy snacks!
You will catch me in the corner somewhere making my way through the menu with a few cheeky Looza’s, no but serious these guys here are fully certified by Manchester Seeds ourselves tried and tested no others come neer.
Let’s take a look at some of the products:
Now look at that, Chocomel to be proud of a true beauty in its own class 100% instagram perfection.
Rainbow Crystals… OMG! Not only are they just amazing to look at and they are really tasty and one of my faves!!!
Ok so Powdered Mini Donuts… i think i’m gonna go nuts! But ohhh wait Birthday Cake Donuts? JEEEEEZZZ
You just gotta wash everything down with a Looza!
Right that’s it, i’ll meet you down there…

Posted by @ DRHAZEFACE at 21:56 on the 23rd Feb 2018

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