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Med-Man Brand: North America’s Award Winning Seed Breeder Now Available

Med-Man Brand - Now In Stock

Well every cloud has a silver lining, after the disaster that was the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam last month (you’ve all probably read about it!), we had a chance hook up with Canada’s Med-Man and his Med-Man Brand Seed Company.

Impressed with his genetics (thanks for the samples!), Manchester Seeds are now proud to announce that we are exclusively stocking Med-Man Brand‘s award winning seeds.

Each pack contains 12 Regular Seeds priced at £25 that have been re-packaged purposely for the UK & European market (although those in North America and other regions can still purchase them) and we now carry the following strains:

Maple Ridge “Bubba” clone crossed with an OG Kush which tastes exactly how it smells. Very pungent and kushy with a nice sweet bottom. Also known as Maple Ridge Kush.

Ladybugs Bubba
An Afghani Kush x OG Kush. With big yields Ladybugs OG is a heavy in the clone game in British Columbia. An OG Kush to enhance flavor, smell, effect and stretch.

Pain Killer
Langley Biker Kush #1 crossed with an OG Kush. She’s a shorter, smaller plant, but very powerful effect in the body for pain.

Purple Pain Killer
OG Kush x Purple Afghani which was crossed again with an OG Kush, she takes 60-70 days to flower and for the patient growers, she will display purple hues as she nears harvest.

Purple Rock-Band
BC Purple Kush x Sour Diesel Kush crossed with their own Rock-Star Kush, the result is a very vigorus, resinous and high yielding plant.

Purple Thai
Canadian clone that’s been round since 1978 and is also known as Purple Skunk (50% of God Bud). She is extremely pungent, high yielding and white/lime appearnce, while the leaves turn purple the flowers remain a luminous green.

Rock-Star Kush
Also know as Maple Ridge Rockstar Kush.Expect very vigorous plants with large yields that flower in 60-70 days which produces an amazing dank, kushy smell and taste.

Sour Rock-Band
A very vigorous, high yielding and smelly plant. The West Coast Sour Diesel and Sour Diesel Kush add a real diesel and gasoline aroma and taste.

Visit our online store to purchase these strains, and many others, we also offer secure online payments, fast and discreet worldwide shipping and FREE SEEDS available with every order!

Posted by @ DRHAZEFACE at 16:50 on the 9th Dec 2014

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