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NEW TREATS – In Store Goodies You Will Love

So today i popped down to our Rochdale branch in Manchester, to find such a sweet delivery!

And yet we still have a lot more to come, we now stock a huge range of import drinks and snacks at some really good prices too!

I loved digging into these boxes finding all the best bits, haha don’t worry i saved some for you all. If you haven’t tasted the Strawberry Kiwi Fanta it is a MUST! Oh and the M&M Cookies……. WOW!

Good old Charleston Chew after a smoke session sound about right?
Or just dive right in and grip a pack of Mallo Cups, believe me now you will not be disappointed.

You really have just got to get down here before we eat em all, please our dental bills already a joke!

Here’s a selection of just some of the mouth watering dry mouth killer flavours we have:

Posted by @ DRHAZEFACE at 21:36 on the 23rd Feb 2018

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