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Latest Update – Feb 2018 What’s Happening @ Manchester Seeds

1st February 2018

Lets just jump right into the juicy information, To answer the question on most people’s mind yes we are still open both online and in-store. Our website is currently undergoing…

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Posted by @ DRHAZEFACE at 20:06 on the 1st Feb 2018

Scape Goat Genetics – New 2018 Strains & Information

31st January 2018

Hi guys, So Scape Goat Genetics are the topic for tonight and that’s purely because i was handed the new strain list this morning and WOW! there’s some really crazy…

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Posted by @ DRHAZEFACE at 19:00 on the 31st Jan 2018

New Stock - Alphakronik Genes, Apothecary Genetics & Hortilabs Seeds

Alphakronik Genes, Apothecary Genetics & Additional Hortilab Seeds Now In Stock

17th September 2014

Yet more new stock has arrived at Manchester Seeds from reputable breeders Alphakronik Genes, Apothecary Genetics & Hortilab Seeds, the strains are as follows: Alphakronik Genes American Kush Bandana Bubba…

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Posted by @ DRHAZEFACE at 11:36 on the 17th Sep 2014