RAW are world renowned for producing the finest unbleached unrefined rolling papers, tips and smoking accessories.

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RAW - Cone Snuffer

RAW – Cone Snuffer


The RAW Cone Snuffer was carefully engineered to make it easier to put out and SAVE your partials for later and features a bottom magnet to attach to any metal ashtrays or trays.

RAW - Boarding PassRAW - Boarding Pass

RAW – Boarding Pass


The RAW Boarding Pass is your ticket to fly! Built-in ridged ‘breaker’ style flat shredder combined with a self-popping rolling tray and cradle design to reduce spillage.

RAW - Hands Free Smoker

RAW – Hands Free Smoker


The RAW Hands Free Smoker is made from heat resistant nylon that allows you to get wild and go hands free. Perfect for when you’re fully cooked and too smoked to reach for an ashtray!

RAW - Rainbow Glass AshtrayRAW - Rainbow Glass Ashtray

RAW – Rainbow Glass Ashtray


The RAW Glass Ashtray will be the star of your next smoke sesh! These beautiful prism diamond-facet cut ashtrays can take you on a bright rainbow journey.

RAW - Black Rolls – 3m

RAW – Black Rolls – 3m


RAW Black is double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest unbleached rolling paper RAW have ever made. RAW Rolls give you the freedom to create any size smoke you want. Each pack is 3m/10ft long.

RAW - Classic Single Wide Rolls - 5m

RAW – Classic Single Wide Rolls – 5m


RAW Classic Single Wide Rolls gives you 5m/16 feet of RAW Classic Paper to choose your own size from. RAW paper is made from natural plants with zero burn additives.

RAW - ProTips

RAW – ProTips


RAW made the RAW ProTips for big phatty rolls, crazy custom rolls, and for their own creative RAWling team! Each book contains 21 tips.

RAW - Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 PackRAW - Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack

RAW – Pre-Rolled Tips – 21 Pack


RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are made to the same high standard and using the same natural unbleached chemical and chlorine free fibres as you will find in the RAW Natural rolling papers. Each pack contains 21 pre-rolled tips.

RAW - Pre-Rolled Wide Tips - 21 Pack

RAW – Pre-Rolled Wide Tips – 21 Pack


RAW Wide pre-rolled tips are designed to allow for a bigger roll and a bigger smoke. RAW carefully cut and pre-roll each tip to ensure a perfectly round smooth tip.

RAW - Perfecto Cone Tips

RAW – Perfecto Cone Tips


RAW Perfecto Cone Tips are the gold standard of cone tips as they’re stiffer and optimized for tightly packed cones. Each book contains 32 tips.

RAW - Maestro Cone Tips

RAW – Maestro Cone Tips


RAW have designated these natural RAW Cone Tips to make rolling a cone both easier and smoother. One side has perforations to make your preferred inside ‘Z’ or ‘W’ easier too!

RAW - Gummed Perforated Tips

RAW – Gummed Perforated Tips


RAW Gummed Perforated Tips make the perfect roach every time that are perforated to make easy and perfect folds for the centre of your tip. Each book contains 33 tips.

RAW - Perforated Wide Tips

RAW – Perforated Wide Tips


RAW Perforated Wide Tips were created to get the burning ember further away from our faces. Made from soft fiber paper and pressed for easy smooth rolling – Each book contains 50 tips.

RAW - 6 Cone Holder TinRAW - 6 Cone Holder Tin

RAW – 6 Cone Holder Tin


The RAW 6 Cone Holder Tin, as the title suggests, holds 6 king size pre-rolled cones at once, ideal for on the move or for storing for a later time.

RAW – Acacia Slide Top Wood Box

RAW – Acacia Slide Top Wood Box


The RAW Acacia Slide Top Wood Box is made from sustainable acacia wood and has that slide top mystery box vibes. A totally RAWsome wooden storage box available in small and large sizes.

RAW - X StandRAW - X Stand

RAW – X Stand


The RAW X Stand is a rolling tool that holds your papers in the ‘ready to fill’ position. Just drop in your tip and materials and sort it all out before you lift out of the cradle and roll.

RAW - Magnetic Ashtray

RAW – Magnetic Ashtray


The RAW Magnetic Ashtray features 3 notches for your smokes and an extra strong magnet to ensure a strong hold on any metal surface with a diameter of 14cm.

RAW - Munchies BoxRAW - Munchies Box

RAW – Munchies Box


RAW have created the deep dish RAW Munchies Box with a small rolling tray on top and storage underneath to store all your swag, measures 17.5cm x 27.4cm x 9.1cm.

RAW - ReservaRAW - Reserva

RAW – Reserva


The RAW Reserva is an air-tight waterproof stash necklace! Incorporating the removable Internal Centrifugal Cone Filler (ICFF) and is perfect for filling and stashing on-the-go.