Packs Protect – The Transporter


Packs Protect The Transporter carbon lined smell proof bag, measures 7.5” x 10.5” (191mm x 254mm) & fitted with a 3 digit lock.

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The Packs Protect The Transporter is currently the biggest in the range at approx 7.5inch x 10.5inch (191mm x 254mm).

Packs Protect The Transporter features a built in combination lock as one of the main features. These locks give you the security and flexibility that you need to keep your medicines or private items secure from prying eyes or from the hands of curious young children. The 3 digit combination locks can be re-set as and when required, as long as you know the last keyed in code. Even if you are not on the move, Packs Protect bags are the perfect solution for storing medicines, documents, money and any other sensitive items securely within your home, giving you complete peace of mind. Combine this with the waterproof and odour retaining features and we feel that Packs Protect is a bag that everyone could use in their life.

Packs Protect The Transporter  bags have sealed zips. This unique design feature helps to keep any odours that are in the bag, ‘in’ the bag whilst also helping with the waterproof nature of the bags.

The Transporter also features an internal heavy duty Velcro strip just below the opening of the bag.  This was a bonus addition that Packs Protect added to create an extra security barrier between the contents of the bag and the sealed zip fastening.