Vacuum Rolls & Bags are the perfect way to seal and store foods stuffs in the fridge or freezer keeping them fresh for long periods of time.

The vacuum seal rolls are available in 280mm (width) x 6000mm (length) and allow you to customise the size to your needs. Simply cut off the length required, seal at one end to make a bag or pouch and fill to around 3/4 full, then vacuum seal the open end to retain freshness.

The vacuum seal bags are 300mm x 400mm and available in packs of 1000 bags.

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Vac roll, 3 Rolls, 1000x (300 x 400) Vacuum Sealer Bags, 1000 – 250mm X 350mm, 50 x 250 x 350, 50 x 300mm x 400mm